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Interview – Cynthia Mak

Having started her professional journey as a graphic designer, Cynthia Mak then attended Central Saint Martins in London to study fashion. In 2014, she has decided to launch her eponymous label and then designed her very first collection for spring-summer 2015. Mixing graphic lines, bold prints and geometrical shapes, Cynthia Mak’s collection caught our attention. She nicely gave us some time to answer our questions. Moderneast: Before starting your studies at Central Saint Martins in Fashion, you were a graphic designer. Were you already interested in fashion before then? Have you got any idea of how is it to study fashion in Hong Kong? Cynthia Mak: Honestly, I didn’t really know much about fashion before CSM. I did a few short courses in fashion illustration and design in HK but they were very different. More technical and less creative. I never studied fashion courses in any universities in HK, so I don’t really know much about admissions. There is only one formal university that has fashion design courses, but there are other vocational education schools that do offer fashion …

Interview – Ming Pin Tien

Ming Pin Tien is a Taiwanese-born and London-based designer who founded his womenswear label MING in 2012. Focused on designing  clothes with clean lines and unexpected details, MINGs’ creations result in strong aesthetics, sometimes becoming  almost experimental. His capacity to grasp the next trends each season makes of the label one to follow. Moderneast had the chance to interview the designer about his designs and his vision of Asian fashion. ME: As a Taiwanese-born designer, can you tell us how hard is it in Taiwan to get in the industry? Were your family supportive? MPT: I didn’t start my business in Taiwan so it is hard to have a certain answer for the question. From my knowing, we don’t have any support scheme or organisation, such as Fashion Scout, Newgen, Fashion East supporting emerging talents. I feel the fashion environment in Taiwan is changing towards to a better condition. With a wider awareness from local customers and the government, there are more and more Taiwanese graduates who are starting their own brand supported by their families. Yet we …

Interview – Wilson PK

Wilson is a Hong-Kong-born and London-based designer who graduated last year from the prestigious Central Saint Martins. His Spring-Summer 2015 collection, his first one as a graduated designer, had a strong emphasis on materials and expressed Wilson’s will to create modern textiles with biological references and religious beliefs. Lately, he introduced his Pre-Fall 2015 collection. With strong aesthetics, clean shapes, and the use of interesting materials, Wilson PK seduces us and make us think he belongs to the ones to follow. Moderneast : In your collection, a special attention is given to fabrics and materials used. Where does your inspiration come from? Wilson PK: For my pre fall collection I was heavily inspired by genetic pattern. Taking a looking at DNA strands, patterns and their influence on our genetic makeup. The core of my inspiration always comes from what’s happening my life, usually relating back to the social and political agenda around me. ME : How would you describe your first collection? WPK: For my graduate collection I created dramatic garments that were mainly showpieces so …

Interview – Sketcharound

How the brand started ? What was the inspirational thing to start this project ? Two co-founders – Priscilla and Kan – worked for more than three years in local fashion industry, well experienced in high-end womenswear and fashion shows. As far as we are concerned, quality and delicacy are not an expensive luxury that only exists in gowns or evening wears, but a priceless thing in the fashion world. We both believe that delicate craftsmanship could also work well in contemporary daywear or even minimalistic style. Hence we decided to launch a label with a new definition of modern chic for urban people.   Why did you think it’s better to start a unisex brand ? (For ex. it’s more marketable or it’s more likeable for the young generation, etc.) We intend to make a garment piece the most as a basic wardrobe item for both modern genders, so we come up with “Unisex Tailoring”. Unlike the usual interpretation about neuter, dandy feminine or masculine feminine as people commonly know. SKETCHΔROUND reforms the concept of “unisex” …

WMV Spring/Summer 2016

Usually known for menswear, Visvim lately introduced his little sister: the label WMV,  which presented its Spring/Summer 2016 womenswear collection. Hiroki Nakamura, creative director of both brands, applies Visvim’s aesthetic to WMV. For instance, some pieces of this collection evoke the Americana  for which the designer is known. However, the collection shows new aesthetic aspects, with a boho and vintage inspiration, featuring long patterned dresses, khaki jackets, denim skirts and cow-boyish hats. Mimosa Gravier

Minju Kim Spring/Summer 2016

Minju Kim has designed her Spring/Summer 2016 collection taking inspiration from the famous Japanese tale ‘The tale of the Princess Kaguya‘. Exploring the story of a miniature girl in the forest, she has put together a girly – almost childlike – and colorful universe. Some of the garments look very juvenile and seem to be inspired directly from an imaginary world, with symbols and drawings relating to nature. The looks are light, rural and let the wind blows. Another aspect of the collection, almost opposed, is darker, more mature, as if Minju Kim wanted to symbolize the end of the tale, when the miniature girl leave towards her original land, the moon. Claire Le Boudouil

Five Models to follow now – #3 China

  After South Korea and Japan, we now land in China where modeling has become a flourishing industry since Pierre Cardin hosted the country’s first fashion show in Beijing in 1979. Nowadays, China’s demand regarding high fashion is undeniable, thus there is nothing surprising in the rise of Chinese models’ demand. This new generation of models is making a name on the international fashion scene; walking major catwalks and shooting landmarks campaigns. 2014 even marked the first time an Asian model ever made Forbes’ annual top 10 list of Highest Paid Models. So, who are the top five beautiful Chinese models leaving their mark in the fashion industry? Mimosa Gravier #1 Xiao Wen Ju (jujujuxiaowen) #2 Sui He (hesui923) #3 Fei Fei Sun (feifeisun) #4 Ming Xi (mingxi11) #5 Liu Wen (liuwenlw)

Juun. J Fall/Winter 2016

WWe keep being surprised by Junn J. For his lastest collection, the Korean designer strikes hardest. We thought we had seen all there is to see of his eccentric and oversized world but once again, he thinks outside the box. Directly coming from a cyberpunk world, the looks are a formidable mix of blade runner and Hokuto No Ken. Leather is everywhere and the dark colors evoke a post-apocalyptic era. The back of the fur coats has drawings of Hajime Sorayama, in particular his ultra-sexy humanoid pin-up. Once more, Junn. J makes a difference on the international fashion scene with a true creative approach. Even scarcely wearable, his collection is extremely original. Cyril Pham

ADER error Autumn/Winter 2015 lookbook

ADER error is the name behind the rising and colorful Korean brand composed of several designers. Introducing a young and dynamic kind of fashion, the label breaks the country’s codes and offers androgynous pieces where genders blend. For their Autumn/Winter 2015 collection, they progressively revealed throughout the season a collection divided in three chapters directly linked between one another. The first chapter is a tribute to the sporty nineties. The first feeling that comes out is the old school vibe present in the looks, bringing us back to puberty or even to childhood, with this soft fleece sweater. ADER error’s designers managed to turn the nineties emblems into pretty cool garments. The corduroy fabric is thicker and mixed with camel jackets, trousers and berets. The old-fashioned track jacket is worn with high-waisted jeans and the sports garments get bigger, with oversized shapes making them wearable every single day. As usual, ADER error introduced a first chapter quite provoking, with slogans and symbols aiming at making the Korean youth change. The second chapter gets deeper in the winter. …

Kolor Fall/Winter 2016

There is a kind of simplicity in Junichi Abe’s newest collection, where beauty is hidden in its details. The leopard print is used as a common thread here, appearing on suit jackets and socks, giving a wild side to the looks. At Kolor, beige, navy blue and grey will make the next winter. Monotonous, do you think? Absolutely not. Juanita Abe knows how to use contrasts when it comes to colors. If the main part of this collection is made of minimalist style pieces, we can still find offbeat hints, as usually done. The look #32 is one of them with a coat composed of a patchwork of prints and yellow furry flat shoes. As for the look #1, the blue and shiny vinyl coat contrast with the rest of the look, more neutral. Simple, yet surprising, this collection is a poetic dance toward winter.