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4 questions to Caroline Ha Thuc

Author of several books, « Contemporary Art in Hong Kong » (2013), « New Japanese contemporary art » (2012), or, more recently, « After 2000: contemporary art in China », (2015), French-born Caroline Ha Thuc is a Hong-Kong based writer and curator. She answers our questions about the new contemporary art scene in Asia. Moderneast Magazine: What is your view on the young or emergent creation in Asia: which assets does it have, how do you see its future both in Asia and in Europa? Caroline Ha Thuc: It is hard to talk in general about the emerging creation in Asia. Which Asia is concerned? Where should we begin? There no unified Asian art form. It is varied, diverse and even indefinable. Art overruns maps and borderlines and scrambles nationalities. The artists themselves increasingly claim to be artists from the world, and not from such or such country. To answer your question I guess artists from the region can generally benefit from a growing population of collectors, a boom in museums’ spaces (what we now call the “museumification” of China for …

Songjiang Art Campus – Archi-Union

Chinese architects from Archi-Union have revealed their new project: the Songjiang Art Campus in the new suburb of Shanghai. In charge of designing both a new urban space and a cultural hub close to the local university, Archi-Union focused on creating something respectful of pedestrians, nature and of the surrounding neighborhoods. Finding the right balance between architecture and landscape was the starting point for them. All along the buildings you can find greek parks that bring in the local river. The buildings had to be finished on a tight budget, which led to using bricks throughout the project. A pressure that finally turned into an advantage.

Li Han – Yanyu Art Space

Li Han, the Architect who designed the famous Beijing drawings of Sanlitun, 798 and Nanluoguoxiang has opened his own studio in Beijing called Drawing Architecture Studio (DAS) with his partner Hu Yan. One of their first projects is an art space for Fang Tianyuan in Hangzhou. The multifunctional space will be dedicated to exhibitions, sales, lectures and meetings. Shafts of light pierce the volumes and open up the space. Li Han designed an axonometric projection of the surrounding area reminiscent of the methods used by Zaha Hadid in her early work. By Elliot Richards


Wonderwall is an interior design agency founded by Masamichi Katayama. It is particularly known for having designed Uniqlo in New York, Colette in Paris or the Nike Flagship Store in Tokyo. Through their works, we realize that Wonderwall and its team have a strong capacity to put some intimacy regardless of the size of the rooms. According to his own words, Katayama wants to “touch the conscience of consumers and occupants”. The Japanese precision and ability to make every single thing important is perceptible in the output of their designs. Also, even if Wonderwall operates in very different universes, the agency’s trademark is always visible. The importance given to the lights is one of the agency’s speciality. At Intersect by Lexus, the Wonderwall team has made a place being at the same time car dealer, restaurant, shop and gallery. In this store, the light plays an essential role in the development and incorporation of technology. Besides, we find a remarkable expertise in the use of materials. This is the case for the Godiva Chocolate Flagship Store in Tokyo. On the ceiling of the store, the …