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Interview – Wilson PK

Wilson is a Hong-Kong-born and London-based designer who graduated last year from the prestigious Central Saint Martins. His Spring-Summer 2015 collection, his first one as a graduated designer, had a strong emphasis on materials and expressed Wilson’s will to create modern textiles with biological references and religious beliefs. Lately, he introduced his Pre-Fall 2015 collection. With strong aesthetics, clean shapes, and the use of interesting materials, Wilson PK seduces us and make us think he belongs to the ones to follow.

Moderneast : In your collection, a special attention is given to fabrics and materials used. Where does your inspiration come from?
Wilson PK: For my pre fall collection I was heavily inspired by genetic pattern. Taking a looking at DNA strands, patterns and their influence on our genetic makeup. The core of my inspiration always comes from what’s happening my life, usually relating back to the social and political agenda around me.

ME : How would you describe your first collection?
WPK: For my graduate collection I created dramatic garments that were mainly showpieces so for my first collection I wanted to translate that into something more wearable and practical for consumers.

ME : Is there something iconic you would like to carry over?
WPK: I am fascinated with pushing the boundaries within textile design for garments. Coming from a knitwear background I have always been curious as to how I can manipulate materials and adapt them in unexpected ways. It is an area of fashion that I believe has limitless possibilities.

ME : You’re only 23 years old and your personality comes out really strong in your designs. How can you explain it? Does it come from your studies? From your previous apprenticeships with other designers?
WPK: I’m a very expressive person and I use design as a platform to communicate my perception of the world around me. During my internships I had the chance to see how various designers translate their concepts into designs which has taught me how to develop and communicate my own.

ME : So you have chosen to design womenswear. Do you think you might cross over and start doing menswear as well?
WPK: For now I want to keep my focus on womenswear, however I have big plans for the label so you will have to wait and see.

ME : Do your Asian roots inspire you while designing?
WPK: The work ethic I saw from my family growing up really inspired me to push myself to create my own business and taught me how to deal with people in the industry.

ME : As a London-based designer, what do you think about the representation of Asian designers in Europe?
WPK: Some of the most influential contemporary designers have emerged from Asia. I think that coming from a different culture you naturally have a new perspective on things which helps create a unique view point.

ME : What do you think about the future trends in fashion? How is it going to evolve?
WPK: Future trends are going to evolve from our development in technology and shaped by the ever demanding consumer. People will want to see innovative textile development in wearable and well made garments.

Thank you again to Wilson for giving us some of his time during this crazy fashion month! Discover the full collection here.

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