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“Yo Gee Ti”, a Franco-Taiwanese piece

Created and choreographed by Mourad Merzouki, Director of the Centre national chorégraphique of Créteil, “Yo Gee Ti” is a Franco-Taiwanese choreographic piece for ten dancers that emerges us into a deep trance oscillating between hip hop, break and ballet.

Some strange ropes made of wool are hanging above the stage and, at some point, the dancers are wearing traditional costumes, in wool as well, designed by the Taiwanese stylist Johan Ku.

The violons are playing a swinging music, the movements are precisely executed, sometimes slow, sometimes fast, always harmonious.

The stage turns into a forest, then into rain, or into a constellation of duets, tied to waist, creating an impression of illusion.

This piece is a moment of magic.

Yo Gee Ti

Yo Gee Ti 3

Yo Gee Ti 6

Yo Gee Ti 5

Yo Gee Ti 4

Mahaut Le Lagadec

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