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VULCAN: the world’s largest 3D-printed pavilion

As China was designed as the design capital (now THAT is a lame pun) in 2011 by the UNESCO, there is no wonder why innovation in that sphere came from there. In the Beijing Design Week (BJDW) 2015 which held from September 23th to October 7th, visitors could observe the VULCAN pavillion, the largest building made entirely out of 3D-printers by LCD (Laboratory for Creative Design). This technology is based upon the principle of material superposition, which is different from the usual subtraction (drilling) or deformation (molding). Plus, this system enables the user to get rid of the assemble or correcting design flaws steps (at least for small-sized objects).

With its 1086 different units, going up to eight meters long, and its height almost reaching three meters, the pavillion entered the Guinness book for its size. It took 30 days and 20 printers to make the pieces and 12 days and 15 men to put them together. Its name, « VULCAN », comes from the latin word for « volcano ». In fact, the pavillion gets its shape after the smoke released by a volcano when erupting.

Augustin Choukair


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