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Interview – Sketcharound

How the brand started ? What was the inspirational thing to start this project ?

Two co-founders – Priscilla and Kan – worked for more than three years in local fashion industry, well experienced in high-end womenswear and fashion shows. As far as we are concerned, quality and delicacy are not an expensive luxury that only exists in gowns or evening wears, but a priceless thing in the fashion world. We both believe that delicate craftsmanship could also work well in contemporary daywear or even minimalistic style. Hence we decided to launch a label with a new definition of modern chic for urban people.


Why did you think it’s better to start a unisex brand ? (For ex. it’s more marketable or it’s more likeable for the young generation, etc.)

We intend to make a garment piece the most as a basic wardrobe item for both modern genders, so we come up with “Unisex Tailoring”. Unlike the usual interpretation about neuter, dandy feminine or masculine feminine as people commonly know. SKETCHΔROUND reforms the concept of “unisex” and installs the idea of androgyny in the clothing itself, to inspire people newly.

sketcharound FW15-3

Why the name ‘Sketcharound’ ? 

It’s like things shall be explored and expressed unconditionally.

What is necessary to know about your course line ? 
I would say SKETCHΔROUND pieces work well on both men and women figure, its minimalist outlook … its craftsmanship , which could be proved when both male and female celebrities wearing the same piece and reforming them into different style. We used to do a little video to visualize the concept.
We also make a mini film on our official website, please have a look:

Do you have special features, which you think only typical of the brand ? 

SKETCHΔROUND calls for two statements of “Originality Surpasses Gender” and “Simplicity compacted with delicacy”.

The brand focuses on sophisticated minimalism without gender orientation on wearability and continues to reinvent the conventional practices with innovative materials to create some sophisticated tailor work with high sustainability and functionality. 

How other countries welcome your brand ? Do you think that other nations are open to brands like yours ? 

We aim to plant subtle craftsmanship in a purity of simplicity, that’s what we do in every collection, which arouse worldwide interest from Asian markets to various magazines in London, France, Australia, Greece, Los Angeles and Hungary.
We have been invited by Oxford Fashion Studio to showcase the Spring-Summer 2016 collection on runway during LFW. 


Do you have any special collaborations ? 

This autumn-winter, SKETCHΔROUND had her first crossover project with local writer Mr. Christopher Ng. Inspired by five literature miracles, we transform the masterpieces into a limited unisex collection for pocket square, scarves and handkerchiefs.
We also specially designed a set of twins dress with a detailed pocket design so that people could style up the square piece with the dress and go with a flexible patchwork effect.


What are your future plans with the brand ?

We plan to expose more to the Europe market, the FW16 collection will be attending the Tranoi trade show in the coming Paris fashion week.

SA SS16 lookbook-12

How do you see the present of young Asian designers? Do you have a favorite/inspirational designer ? 

Quite many rising Asian designers from Korea and Thailand.
Masha Ma

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Luca Fulop

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