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WMV Spring/Summer 2016

Usually known for menswear, Visvim lately introduced his little sister: the label WMV,  which presented its Spring/Summer 2016 womenswear collection.

Hiroki Nakamura, creative director of both brands, applies Visvim’s aesthetic to WMV. For instance, some pieces of this collection evoke the Americana  for which the designer is known. However, the collection shows new aesthetic aspects, with a boho and vintage inspiration, featuring long patterned dresses, khaki jackets, denim skirts and cow-boyish hats.

Mimosa Gravier

wmv-2016-spring-summer-lookbook-9 wmv-2016-spring-summer-lookbook-8 Visvim-WMV-Spring-Summer-2016-Women-Collection-Lookbook-08 wmv-2016-spring-summer-lookbook-6 wmv-2016-spring-summer-lookbook-7 Visvim-WMV-Spring-Summer-2016-Women-Collection-Lookbook-07 Visvim-WMV-Spring-Summer-2016-Women-Collection-Lookbook-06 Visvim-WMV-Spring-Summer-2016-Women-Collection-Lookbook-05 Visvim-WMV-Spring-Summer-2016-Women-Collection-Lookbook-04 Visvim-WMV-Spring-Summer-2016-Women-Collection-Lookbook-01 Visvim-WMV-Spring-Summer-2016-Women-Collection-Lookbook-02 Visvim-WMV-Spring-Summer-2016-Women-Collection-Lookbook-03

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