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Contemporary Chinese Artists at the Fondation LV


From January to May 2016, the Fondation Louis Vuitton will be dedicated to the Chinese art scene through a blockbuster exhibition called Bentu, Chinese artists in a time of turbulence and transformation which will bring together 12 relatively unknown artists from different generations.

This exhibition, the first to be devoted to contemporary Chinese art in France in the past 10 years, and which has been created in collaboration with the Ullens Center in Pekin, will explore the different meanings of Bentu (native land, in Chinese), a notion which is today at the very heart of many Chinese artists’ creative process. It implies reflecting on history, geography, the relation to the land, as well as identity or individuality. She will also try to examine how China’s creative traditions are dealing with the ever-evolving world that consecrates new techniques of production or creation.

The works which are showcased, stemming from the use of a wide range of medias and materials, are the best demonstration of the complexity that characterizes today’s Chinese artistic scene.

According to the Fondation, “the choice of works does not seek to show a panorama of the artistic scene in China, but aims to draw attention to the multiform character of the production in the country, which undergoes rapid development and which affirms itself through outstanding individuals, rather than through specific movements”. 

The celebration of the Chinese contemporary art scene will also extend to a programme of classical and contemporary music, film, poetry, and performances, as well as a separate exhibition of Chinese works from the Fondation’s own collection.

RMB CITY secondlife planning - Cao Fei (2007) Courtesy of the artist and Vitamin Space, Canton

RMB CITY secondlife planning – Cao Fei (2007) Courtesy of the artist and Vitamin Space, Canton

Currency Wars, by Xu Qu, 2015. Courtesy Almine Rech Gallery

Currency Wars – Xu Qu (2015). Courtesy Almine Rech Gallery

New - Xu Zhen (courtesy Fondation LV)

New – Xu Zhen. Courtesy of the artist and Fondation LV

The Woman in Front of the camera - Hu Xiangqian (courtesy of the artist)

The Woman in Front of the camera – Hu Xiangqian. Courtesy of the artist

Mahaut Le Lagadec

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