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Kazumi Nakamura

Kazumi Nakamura, born in 1956 in Chiba, Japan, began his career in the early 1980s. He has since become one of the most renown and active painters of his generation, creating paintings that experiment the notion of pictorial space.

Some might say that his work lies at the crossroads of different movements such as Japanese post war groups, like Mono-Ha or Gutai, and the contemporary movement Superflat, founded by Takashi Murakami.


Kazumi Nakamura 6

Kazumi Nakamura

Most of his large-scale paintings are made of a multitude of abstract motifs and geometrical patterns, sometimes following disorderly fluctuations, sometimes perfectly aligned. Brushstrokes, angular spatial structures, accumulations, distortions, diagonal grids and infinite lines may sometimes produce some visual illusions by which one becomes quickly captivated. In Nakamura’s work, the explosion of colors is a very enjoyable, and sometimes mesmerizing, vision.

Mahaut Le Lagadec


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