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KARA 2016 lookbook

KARA is a New-York based handbag label launched in 2013 by Sarah Law. This name derives from the Japanese word ‘Karaoke‘, which means ’empty orchestra’. Promoting individuality, authenticity and modernity in her creations, Law introduced two different lookbooks and collections for this year.

The first one is quite urban with handbags designed for a modern woman. The shapes are both practical – with backpacks, clutches and tote bags are – and esthetic, to create bags useable in any kind of situation. As for the collection itself, more globally, it is very neutral with monochromic colors and a mainly use of leather.

The second collection is more feminine, almost girly. Sarah Law uses different type of material here, such as faux fur, canvas and leather, and opted for pastel colors, making it more appropriate to spring and summer freshness.

Claire Le Boudouil

All images via Kara

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