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Jeonghwa Seo ‘Material Container’

After his graduation in Metal and Art Design at Hongik University (Seoul) in 2007, Jeonghwa Seo passes a Master of Design  in the Design Academy Eindhoven, in Netherlands. He now lives and works in Seoul.

In his creations,  Jeonghwa Seo focuses on  quality and texture of materials, often resulting in a  mix between sculpture and design.
In that sense, ‘Material Container’, designed in 2013, is a collection where the creative process has the same importance as the final production itself. Those creations have a story to tell as each object is individualy made out of two diferent materials, both chosen for their textures and harmony when reunited together. .

Jeonghwa Seo’s artworks and this collection are to be discovered  during the exhibition “Korea now” in “Musée des Arts décoratifs” in Paris from the 19th of September 2015 to the 7th of February 2016.

Marine Loiseau

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