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Yune Ho Spring/Summer 2016 Lookbook

Making a change in his inspirations, Yune Ho‘s Spring/Summer 2016 collection contrasts with his previous ones. The urban-inspired designs were indeed switched with a collection close to nature, bringing us to a new and modern rural world.

This collection is more feminine than usual and underlines simplicity of clothing. The fluidity of the clothes is reminiscent of the movement of the wind and Yune Ho‘s creations are smooth, plain, almost creating a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.
The collection has a certain rural aspect because of the colors used – i.e the camel that reminds us of the soil -, the patterns – i.e the Vichy checks – and the lack of accessories, unnecessary in these environments.

Nevertheless, some strong and modern pieces stand out and contrasts with this smoothness: a camel co-ord outfit, a long sleeveless blazer or this long blue jumpsuit.

Claire Le Boudouil

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