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Five models to follow now #2 Japan


Nowadays, the number of models jumping onto the social media ocean to connect and have more exposure is increasing. Sharing their everyday life, they are not afraid to give us a sneak peak of what it is like to be an upcoming talent.

From Seoul to Tokyo, we started with South Korea and introduced these « cools kids » from the digital generation. Lets now focus on Japan with 5 Japanese models who are currently emerging on the international Fashion scene.

Mimosa Gravier

#1 Kiko Mizuhara@i_am_kiko

Kiko Mitzuhara - Instagram

#2 Mona Matsuoka@mona__offi

Mona 5

#3 Seto Ayumi@setoayumi

Seto Ayumi - Instagram

#4 Reina Triendl@toritori0123

Reina Triendl - Instagram

#5 Jun Hasegawa@liveglenwood

Jun Hasegawa - Instagram

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