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Jaehyo Lee

Born in 1965, in Hapchen, Korea, graduated from Hong-Ik University, Jaehyo Lee acquired international renown for his distinguishable work of sculpture, a mix of Arte Povera, Land Art but also of minimalism.

Exploring the fine line between modern art and design, the artist mainly works with wood and metal, creating crafted yet impressive and sleek sculptures with smooth surfaces, soft and round or geometric shapes. Carving tree trunks, bending nails, Jaehyo Lee is a magician who turns raw materials into delicate and harmonious sculptures, sometimes biomorphic, sometimes cosmic. He uses calcified black wood as a base in which he inserts discs of clearer wood as well as steel bolts and nails.

His artworks lay claim to both functionalism and non-functionalism. Indeed, they are being at one with nature, reflecting it, magnifying it, revealing its true and essential beauty, but, at the same time, they tend to look like unique and ergonomic pieces of design furniture.

Mahaut Le Lagadec

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