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Five models to follow now #1 Korea

In our digital world, following the trendsetters and influencers is a warrant of being up to date with the recent news. We’ve picked up for your the models from South Korea, Japan and China who are emerging in the international fashion sphere and, obviously, online.

Directly coming from the ‘social media generation’, using their images to propel themselves on the front scene, these models are definitely the ones you need to keep an eye on, starting today with South Korea.

Mimosa Gravier

#1 – Soo Joo @soojmooj

Soo Joo - crédits: Young Jun Koo

#2 – Park Ji Hye @jihyeparkjhp

Park Ji Hye - crédit @jihyeparkjhp

#3 – Irene Kim @ireneisgood

Irene Kim - crédit @ireneisgood

#4 – Kim Sung Hee @kimssung2

Kim Sung Hee - crédit @kimssung2

#5 – Kwak Jy Young @kwak_jy

Kwak Jy Young - crédit @kwak_jy

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