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Kim Do-Hyung is the name behind Grayoval. Working halfway between contemporary art and graphic design, the Korean artist has always been fascinated with the notions ‘grey’ and ‘oval’.

Kim Do-Hyung got first interested in graphic design as he saw in it a power to communicate clear messages. Influenced by artists such as Joseph Beuys, Sigmar Polke or Raymond Hains, the Korean’s work offers another vision of graphic design, making it evolve. The majority of his clients come from the cultural and fashion scenes as for him, it is necessary to keep a form of creativity.

For the Spring/Summer 2012 lookbook of the Korean brand Cy Choi, Kim Do-Hyung offered a cross-disciplinary approach of graphic design. The use of paper, Rhodoid, tape and photocopy makes the reading more difficult but more meaningful at the same time.
The clothing, which should be the main element of the lookbook, is put backward so the fabrics and design process are enhanced.

The diversion is a recurrent practice in Do-Hyung’s work. Attached to design posters with popular characters, the Korean artist will use, for instance, Disney imaging and divert it into controversial images. Duality is an important vector in his work through tension and graphic metaphors.

Twostar‘ is an artwork reminiscent of Park Chung Hee‘s dictature, supported by Americans in the sixties and seventies. The faces are blurred while two military stars shine in the men’s eyes. One can see a denunciation of the Korean War where only military merit counted at the expense of three million victims.

Grayoval has things to say and does it through images. Do-Hyung understood the power of graphic design and has taken the best assets to get from it. The Korean artist seeks above all to make the images speak and deliver sensitive and poetic reflections.

Cyril Pham

Credits: All the images @Grayoval

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