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Low Classic Spring/Summer 2016

The Spring/Summer 2016 Low Classic collection celebrates the femininity in all its forms: from morning’s cosiness, to workwear’s elegancy and night’s boldness.

Although the collection could be qualified as unvarnished and cosy – as proved by the sobriety of the colours, the designer played on diverted accessories: a string becomes a fashionable necklace while zips are significantly shorten.
Globally, the looks stand out as pure and natural: the models are not hidden behind gloss and glitter. It feels like they almost woke up few minutes before the show and their silken pyjamas / outfits were just enough to enhance their beauty.

As fragile as they may seem in this atmosphere, the –mastered- sleeve game and the strong outerwear pieces bring them protection. The trench jackets and coats are very well executed and their shape doesn’t lack modernity. Those classic pieces are twisted into something both practical and cool.
The paradox of the collection is that it is made of looks and pieces that are almost opposite, with coolness of pyjamas and casual long dress vs sophistication of workwear and nightwear outfits.

That could have us lost but fortunately, the quality of the designs and Low Classic’s tasteful collection win us over it!

Claire Le Boudouil

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