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YIA International Art Fair

We noted a surprising lack of Asian artists presented during the 5th edition of YIA Art Fair, from 23 until 25 October at the Carreau Temple in Paris. Indeed, among sixty-five galleries and sixteen nationalities invited, only Japan and China were represented.

Hideaki Yamamoto

© Courtesy of Shonandai Gallery 5

Among the rare Asian artists exhibited, we particularly noticed the work of Japanese Hideaki Yamamoto (Shonandai Gallery, Tokyo). Yamamoto produces, thanks to a meticulous work on wood, half-aerial, half-marine shapes, evoking corals, shells and other algae of the seabed. As he says himself,

‘I’m creating an intellectual stratum. The spirit and energy of each age come out from the layers’.

© Courtesy of Shonandai Gallery 5

Courtesy of Shonandai Gallery 5




The “layer”, both historical and biological – the layer of the human mind and the layer of the tree trunk – is the notion at the very heart of his work.




Another Japanese artist, Susumu Takashima (Shonandai Gallery, Tokyo), drew our attention with his almost monochromatic drawing whose slim and clean lines are reminiscent of the steep ridges of mountains. Takashima only works with brushes and pencils and draws from a continuous and gradually shrinking line of ink in order to produce real “scores of drawing”, as suggested in each one of his titles : « Drawing for Goldpoint, Color gesso and Canvas », « Drawing for Brushes, Ink and Paper ».

Mahaut Le Lagadec

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