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Kengo Kuma, FIAC Hors Les Murs 2015

The 2015 edition of the FIAC held from 20 to 25 October in Paris, gathered artists coming from all around the world. Alongside the official event, at the Grand Palais, works of art were also exhibited in various places, streets, institutions or gardens, to make contemporary art “accessible to the greatest number”.

The Japanese architect Kengo Kuma has been invited to produce a work intended to be displayed at the Jardin des Tuileries, Yure (“moving with the wind” in Japanese).

His whole work oscillates between architecture and art, borrowing from both techniques of construction (natural ventilation, regulation of the humidity, Japanese carpentry) and artistic creativity. Kuma seeks to give meaning and harmony to his constructions by integrating them into a natural environment and by reusing traditional materials and techniques which he updates and reinterprets in his own way.
Originally conceived as a prototype of a small nomadic house, reaching a height of 12 meters, the structure set in the Tuileries Gardens is a wooden assembled unit, removable and durable.

Thanks to the assembly technique, the structure changes of appearance depending on the chosen angle of perspective.

This approach reveals the architect’s inclination to stay in line with contemporary stakes, those of a socioeconomic and ecological crisis which deeply modifies the ways we must consider our habitat and our relationship with nature.

Mahaut Le Lagadec

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