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Bizarre Food #3 / China

Did the most bizarre food from South Korea and Vietnam opened your appetite? Well, that is just the beginning. Buckle up, we’re going in China today!

1. Fried duck tongue BF1 Chinese eat almost everything in the duck: its neck, tripes, skin and more appropriately, its meat; but one of their favorite parts of the animal is its tongue. Once it has been fried, it is crunchy outside and then slowly melts in the mouth. Oh, and it looks like a jumbo shrimp!

2. Shark fin soup BF2 A luxury dish in China, this soup is very expensive and is supposed to increase your life expectancy. For many, the price is more ecological as it partly contributes to sharks extinction.

3. Sea cucumber BF3 Weirdest cucumber ever. This one is alive, thorny and has tentacles. And yet, Chinese people love it. They even eat 40,000 tons a year! Who said blood sausage did not look appealing?

4. Chicken feet BF4 Eaten as a snack, the chicken feet is fried until it becomes golden. What else can beat bones and skin during your mid-afternoon break?

5. Animal penis BF5 Being a specialty at Guolizhuang restaurant in Beijing, you will able to try intimate parts of many animals: yak penis, beef penis, sheep penis and much more. Did we forget to mention that Guolizhuang actually means ‘Strength in the dish’. Subtle, isn’t it?

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  1. I was in China in september and the food was a total shock to system. My sister is living there so she brought us to a few lovely places where we could experiement but it was when we went to the more rural places that it was just soooo different!


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