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A Degree Fahrenheit Fall/Winter 2015

The fashion month has just ended between New York and Europe while another one has just started in Asia. It was opened with the Tokyo Fashion Week, who took place between the 16th and the 21th March. More than 100 fashion designers introduced their Fall/Winter 2015 collection in the Japanese capital. And one of the first brands who really caught our attention is A Degree Fehreinheit.

The Fall/Winter 2015 collection is all about sports. It is easy to see it thanks to the important use of jersey or neoprene. Still, the fluid materials, loose cuts and mixes of fabrics make it look really feminine. The pieces are fitted to women’s shapes and the sportswear aspect almost becomes elegant. On many looks, the use of zips is a real added-value, transforming the figures into something innovative. For instance, the look #7 sweater is unzipped on its side, making the nomad piece of leather a yoke on the skirt. It gives another – and pretty – structure to this outfit. And this is not the only innovative detail in the collection. The collars, sleeves and cuts are very modern. There is another aspect of this show, more classy and elegant with white looks, fur waistcoats, long and slender silhouettes.

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