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Youjia Jin Spring/Summer 2015 Lookbook

Youjia Jin is a Chinese-born and London-based fashion designer who graduated in 2014 from the London College of Fashion. We particularly noticed her this year as she participated at London’s Autumn/Winter 2015 Fashion Scout show under the “Ones to Watch” label. She also presented her graduation collection at Beijing Fashion Week back in 2009. As she says herself, her designs take inspiration from her previous studies in fine art to create original and unique clothes.
The Spring/Summer 2015 collection lookbook is really playful, bright, and even if the colors are limited to white, grey and black, it is a great introduction to summer. The collection itself is very minimalist : only three colors are used, the cuts are clean and only few embellishments appear. In her design process, it seems that she deconstructed classic pieces, such as the suit jacket. She completely changed its design to make an original piece. Besides, the use of net fabric is her way to make those minimal clothes look sexier. A particular attention is finally given to cuts and materials as she proposes different version of pleated garments. A detail that almost became her signature.

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