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Bizarre Food #2 / Vietnam

Every country has its own kind of bizarre food and once in your life, you will be challenged to try one of them. Last time, we introduced you to South Korea’s . Be ready to face something quite different with Vietnam .

1. Tiet Canh – Blood Soup


No, this is not a tomato soup. Made from duck’s blood, this soup is eaten cold with fresh herbs and crushed peanuts. They say it is excellent. Feel free to give us your thoughts!

2. Thang Co – Viscus Dish


Vietname people are known for eating animal viscus. To try some, just put tripes, lungs, heart and livers in a cooking pot and have it with a bowl of rice. Bon appétit.

3- rượu rắn – Snake Alcohol


Snake alcohol was invented in Vietnam. During few months, a whole snake is immersed in alcohol, which will disable his poison. A good way to heat you up!

4 – trứng vịt lộn – Brooded egg


Hold your breath for this one. During 17 to 20 days, a female duck is sitting on her eggs and just before they hatch, they are cooked like a boiled egg. Except that there is an actual duckling inside. Once it’s ready, it is normally served with ginger, fresh herbs and chili.

5- rắn – Snake


In Vietnam, snake is considered as a gastronomic dish, consequently expensive. It is cooked in many different ways. You can find the snake spring rolls, the snake soup, the fried snake bones. For the bravest, it is an honor to have the heart – still beating – served in a glass of rice wine.

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