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Junya Watanabe Autumn/Winter 2015

Very artistic, Junya Watanabe’s Automn/Winter 2015 collection seems related to Russian constructivist movement’s sculptures from the beginning of the 20th century. Clothes are geometrical and meticulously designed. A kind of destruction/creation process is visible in the collection. Coats are designed so that we notice the different textures and volumes used. Some of them are made with holes and different materials, like leather, cotton or neoprene, are mixed on others. Black and white define the collection, even if some hints of red, purple or grey sometimes appear on dresses. The geometry is not only a metaphor to describe the strong structure of the silhouettes as pieces may literally be geometrical. Scarves are sharped, dress are triangular and coats are circular. Minimalist in his approach, as he focuses on deconstructing women’s basics, the Japanese designer managed to make a complex and sophisticated collection with geometrical prowesses.

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