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Tomoo Gokita

Tomoo Gokita is a skillful Japanese-born and Tokyo-based artist born in 1969. In the 90s, he was a graphic designer constantly drawing. In 2005, Taylor McKimens, an artist himself, discover Gokita’s work and invited him to expose his pieces of art at the Dinter Fine Art. The Japanese graphic designer then turned into a painter, exhibiting later on at the Mary Boone Gallery, the Taka Ishii Gallery and the Bill Brady Gallery.

Kookie Limbo Again 2012

Kookie Limbo Again 2012

Gokita’s works are really particular as he mixes pop culture archetypes, cubism, surrealism and abstraction. In his black and white painting, he completely deforms cinema, television and magazines icons, bringing a brand new sensibility to his audience. For instance, Replicant Marilyn is his own transposition of Marilyn Monroe’s famous portrait. Her face becomes an oneiric image.

Replicant Marilyn - 2013

Replicant Marilyn – 2013

Tomoo Gokita also takes inspiration from catch or playboy magazine’s bunnies, placing him far from the current contemporary art scene. Nevertheless, his work aims at transforming the vision of the popular culture, at going beyond it. The fact that his mixes so many universes and artistic movements makes his work really interesting and rich. In his paintings, he is able to bring together superficial and abstract, to bring together a playboy bunny and cubism.

Even if he claims himself to be ignorant when it comes to art, Tomoo Gokita has definitely found his way into a deep, provocative and singular painting.

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