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Bizarre Food #1 / South Korea

Western people are not really risky when it comes to their food. If the French boast about eating snails or the English are proud to eat eel jelly, it is no big deal compared to meals from East Asia. It is known by many that this part of the world have the most refined and healthy food. But you can also find some of the most weirdest meal or dishes that only the bravest Westerners will eat.
Let’s start by introducing bizarre food from South Korea. Bon appétit !


1. Gopchang 
Gopchang is a meal mainly made of grilled beef or pork intestines. It is known to be full of protein and iron. Well appreciated with a glass of soju!


2. Beondegi 
Beondegi are steamed silkworm chrysalid. It is eaten all over South Korea and can even be found in tin can. It becomes less and less common to have those.


3. Ggup Dae Gi 
Ggup Dae Gi is grilled pork skin eaten with spicy sauce. In short, almost pork skin chips! Only specific restaurants with a real savoir-faire know exactly how to do it.


4. Gaebul 
Gaebul is a marine worm weirdly looking like a male member. With no experience, it is really hard to try some because of its appearance. In mouth, it feels like a chewing gum.


5. Sannakji 
Korean people are fond of raw octopus. Their tentacles are cut while they are still alive and covered with sesame oil. Once in your mouth, nerves are still alive making the tentacles move all around. Don’t forget to chew not to risk anything!

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