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J. JS Lee Autumn/Winter 2015

For her Autumn/Winter 2015 collection, Jackie Lee was inspired by her childhood, remembering her mother hand-stitching clothes. This memory is visible throughout her collection with a long and bold yarn appearing in almost all her pieces. This recurrent detail could almost make the clothes look like a pattern, like the template drawn at the beginning of the designing work.
The garments look really long and fluid – even so long that the hands are hidden into the sleeves on look #3 – the shapes are straight and even sometimes seem rigid. The collection has an androgynous look and Jackie revisits classics. The suit is shorten, accessorized with fur and made of innovative fabrics. The A-line skirt also gets some fresh air with a bold and inverted hem.
Spotted by many of us, Jackie Lee has also made good use of fur. It becomes an unexpected and fluffy detail on a tee-shirt or an exuberant pale pink dress.
The right balance between minimalism and femininity.

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