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Eudon Choi Autumn/Winter 2015

Graphic is an adjective adapted to describe Eudon Choi‘s collections. Next winter, architectural joins his lexical field. Besides the usual fitted and clean shapes, some geometrical forms take part of his designs: a circle represents a pocket and a rectangle hints its opening. Reinforcing the graphical aspect, Eudon Choi plays on textures and fabrics, mixing together smooth leather, silk, wool, cotton, tartan and flower print. It gives sportswear silhouettes a more distinguish and minimalist look.
An accessory particularly made people speak of it: this XXL flower-printed fringed scarf that completes a simple yet chic outfit. And because it wouldn’t be Eudon Choi if a particular attention wasn’t given to details, all the cuts are thought in order to recreate classic pieces. The look #13 introduces a new roll-neck sweater and transforms the A-line midi skirt into something modern while the look #27 neck is revisited.

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