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Design Show Shanghai

Nowadays, Shanghai is reknown for its opening up to the world and its investment in culture. It attracts people from all over the world and gather different cultures all together. As a source of creativity, its aura is spread in China’s hinterland. A lot of Chinese artists are Shanghai-based, such as Xue Song, Ding Yi or Wang Wingwei. In 2010, Shanghai became the 7th city to receive the famous UNESCO “City of Design” award. Since, the city is even more at the forefront of design technology. Last year, the Design Show Shanghai welcomed more than 47,000 visitors. This year again, the international design elite get together at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. This event became essential for architects and designers and is also an occasion to discover Asian and international contemporary designs: Vitra, Haye, Franck Chou, ShanLiang and much more.

Design Show Shanghai : 27th to 30th March 2015


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